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Designed in Amsterdam, the Tom Tom car GPS navigational system has taken the world by storm. Although the corporate offices are in Amsterdam, they have offices all over the world.

The Tom Tom car GPS system is an amazing device that can get you where you want to go without the risk of getting lost. Many people who want to take cross-country vacations rely on the Tom Tom car GPS system to get them where they want to go within the shortest amount of time.

The Tom Tom car GPS system is also great for people who travel a lot with their jobs. It can get you to the most remote destination without delay.

There are many different models to the Tom Tom GPS system; your choice depends on your desired features and functionality.

·           Tom Tom GO 920 T – the enhanced positioning technology of this incredible device allows you to access traffic information by simply speaking the destination address. It contains a multitude of maps in the United State, Europe and even Canada. The hands free car kit that is included with this model is equipped with a built in FM transmitter that can be activated with a Bluetooth remote control.

·           Tom Tom GO 720 T – The functionality of this model is second to none. One of the many incredible features is that it comes with free traffic updates for the rest of your life. Its mapshare technology contains a map of Western Europe. It comes equipped with a hands free car kit and an FM transmitter.


·           Tom Tom GO 520 T – this navigational system is voice activated and contains the mapshare technology. It features easy access to traffic information and a “help me” menu that can be accessed with your voice, leaving your hands on the wheel.

All of the Tom Tom GPS navigation systems can connect to up to thirteen satellites, which makes getting to your destination a breeze.

A Tom Tom GPS unit will alert you, which off ramp to take and every turn needed to get to your destination. This is great for those who have a poor sense of direction or those who cannot read a map. If you miss the turn or exit, Tom Tom will give you an alternate route and even double back to get you back on track. There is no way that you can get lost while using this system.

Tom Tom GPS navigational systems have models that can be used in any country. There are several different languages; depending on what country you are in at the time of use.

Many rental car companies employ navigational systems in the rental cars to assist the driver in getting around. A navigational system actually helps the car by saving on wear and tear of the vehicle should the driver get lost. There are so many advantages to owning a Tom Tom navigational system; everyone should have one in their vehicles, especially those who have young children. Getting lost on a back road or after dark can be a very scary ordeal, however with a Tom Tom GPS navigational system, you will never have to worry about it again.

The Tom Tom car GPS is ideal for business and personal use. The time you can save by using these devices make the investment a worthwhile one.


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